Tumpang Tanya

An initiative by Sinar Project to track performance of information requests and right to information requests in Malaysia
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Tumpang Tanya is an online web service that captures requests for information and answers from government agencies submitted by civil society organizations who share a common interest in promoting, protecting, and defending the right to know. 

The online service tracks and records performance data of requests, such as types of requests, from which agencies, the time to respond and whether requests are eventually successful or not. Where safe or made safe through redaction, with regards to privacy and harm conditions, successful documents are also made searchable and accessible to the public. 

Finding the right agency and right people to ask for information from the government can be daunting, this site also provides a guide for the public on how to make requests for information from the government. The project provides information resources, news and activities for civil society organizations and the general public. 

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