Data for Development Resources for Malaysia

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Achieved independence in 1957, Malaysia is a Federal Constitutional Elective country with Westminster Parliamentary System situated in the Southeast Asia region. In 2022, Malaysia has a population of 33.2 million where 77% live in the
urban areas. After revising the national poverty line in 2020, 5.6% of the households live in absolute poverty. Malaysia is also one of the most open economies globally, with trade to GDP ratio of over 130%. In 2021, Malaysia’s GDP
grew 3.1%.

Key Government Agencies

Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) is one of the few central agencies in Malaysia, responsible for ‘modernising and reformising’ the public sector in the areas of administrative reforms. Implementation of open data policy is led by this agency.

Department of Statistics (DOSM) provides open data for a large range of statistics, as well as standards setting. OpenDOSM is the alternative platform for open data on official statistics produced by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia.

Projects in Malaysia

D4D Projects in Malaysia