Open Parliament

Digitization of parliamentary answers and documents.
Start Date 2015-01-05
End Date

Parliamentary documents is a project to make Malaysian parliamentary documents on-line.

Parliamentary documents such as written replies provide detailed official responses on government policy and statistics by the executive to questions raised by your elected representatives. They contain difficult to find answers such as child marriages, crime, government project status and issues of mismanagement of funds or projects.

On use importance of parliamentary documents, Sinar Project in Malaysia have found that even just digitizing and making parliamentary documents available and searchable online, creates a resource for access to data of public interest that can be made available as open data:

  • Parliament and legislative bodies are an inclusive mechanism for access to information and data needed for good governance by elected representatives, government, civil society organizations, journalists and public.
  • Parliamentary answers and transcripts are often the only source of data for issues of public interest that are deemed sensitive or controversial especially when it comes to issues on gender and minorities. For data backed reports on child marriages, sexual assault and immigrants, the data can only be found on Sinar’s parliamentary documents website.