Parliamentary Affairs and Open Data

This handbook compiles and organises existing research and emerging/established models of open data practices taking place globally and in the Asia region.

Resource Type:
Training Material, Guides, Organizaing/Educational Materials

This handbook is our attempt to lay out the expansiveness of open government data efforts especially in relation to parliamentary affairs, public administration, and law. The goal with this handbook is to communicate histories, concerns, and experiences of open data practices, in Asia and globally, to a range of audiences. This includes open data practitioners, parliamentarians, policymakers, journalists, researchers, students.

There are two parts to the handbook. The Entries section offers foundational information distilled from exhaustive reviews of global literature, outlines key initiatives and culls out challenges specific to various themes: budget (and spending), contracts (and procurement), legislative data (and parliamentary information), crime and justice data, and land governance data. Additionally, an entry titled Resources contains a curated set of readings, multimedia content, and software applications relevant to each of the themes covered in the handbook.

The Interviews section will have transcription of conversations that we have had with open data practitioners and researchers especially engaged in the Asian, African, and Latin American regions. The interviews are our attempt to document lived experiences and contextual knowledge of those working on opening up parliamentary data in the Asian region and elsewhere.