Community-Led Documentaries

Three documentaries resulting from consultative meetings with indigenous and ethnic minority groups to record traditions and religious practices, and training support to communities to develop stories and video production.

Resource Type:
Brochure, Promotional Materials

Type: Video


Author: Community lead documentaries supported by CIRUM:  

  1. Ceremony of worshipping forest deities of Hmong ethnic people
  2. Worshipping Herbal Spirits and Ancestral Healer: Traditional Culture of the Red Dao people in Sai Duan village (Lao Cai)
  3. The Worship of deities of Dong Quan forest, Khe Vap village, Bac Lang commune of Lang Son province

Notes: There is no recognition within Vietnam of Indigenous people yet the country is diverse in ethnic cultures and traditions which are being lost to mainstream Vietnamese culture. This body of work was aimed at documenting religious and sacred practices for future generations. All materials were produced where community lead, consensual and in ethnic languages. The final product is currently still being edited but will be more broadly disseminated and provided back to communities in various formats.