Highlights on Gender and Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

The General Statistics Office data of the Socio-economic situation amongst 53 Ethnic Minorities groups (2019) and the Population and housing census (2019) are used to present a gendered picture of ethnic minorities in Vietnam across multiple aspects: Demographics, education and training, employment and income, health and sanitation, child marriage and violence against women, and their roles as civil servants.

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Research Reports, Working Paper

Highlights on Gender and Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 ethnic groups living together, including 53 ethnic minority (EM) groups and the Kinh ethnic majority.

Gender disparity within and between 53 EM groups and the majority people persists in almost all socio-economic aspects in Vietnam. Social norms for the EM cultures typically value women and girls less than men and boys. Unpaid household tasks and duties are assigned, without question, to women and girls, regardless of other economic activities they may participate in. As a result, they are particularly disadvantaged, causing additional barriers to accessing opportunities and resources.